How Does it Work?

This calculator takes your birthdate and the birthdates of how many other people you decide to add, and checks your relationship using both Western and Chinese Astrology.

To use this calculator, you will need to register.(We do not sell your personal information or charts).

The calculator will look at the relationship of as many people as you decide to enter, from 2 - 40. You will need names and birthdates for them all.

Once you have entered the names and birthdates and create the report, you will need to view your past reports.

Clicking on the appropriate past report, will display a number of tables. In these tables will be the neame of the primary person and each secondary person, until it exhausts all of the primary/ secondary relationships.

The tables will then continue to compare the secondary person to all of the other names, the tertiary person to all of the other names, etc.

In sum this will calculate in seconds what it would take an astrologer days to do.

The scale is from -15 (the absolute worst) to +15 (dreamy, soul mate material).

Our recommendation is that if you have anyone with +12 and up in your life - hold onto them as hard as you can, because statisitically they are very rare.

What does this Cost?

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