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This website is complex in idea, simple to use, and luckily for you free for the time being.

Think of this as a simple relationship calculator, where upon entering the birthdates of the people that you are interested in, you can see a numeric result that tells you how good the relationship is.


Simply put, we wanted to build something where we could check the compatability of various people without having to always do the arithmetic.

People make terrible relationship choices all of time, and we do it because we are actually trying to make good choices, but in many ways it is difficult to predict compatibility if one does not have the proper tools at one's disposal.

The Proper Tools?

When we talk about the proper tools, we are of course talking about astrology.

Astrology? Yes. If one sees the different signs as simply types of communication styles, where each sign can be grouped with other signs, it makes the perfect vehicle for understanding compatibility. Afterall astrology has been used for thousands of years for this purpose.

However, we generally do not check our astrology with everyone that we know, we usually just use it with people we intend as our potential mate.

Hence, 12 Harmonies is a calulator that checks the nature of our relationships. Please click on the About to read more how this all works.

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